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Our Ministries

Bolden Mission Ministry

Sister Evelyn Green, President

Chosen 2 Impact Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Minister Johnnie M. Perkins, II, Servant Leader

Minister Angela Hall, Planning and Budgeting

Sister Shaqueena Bonaparte, Asst. Planning and Budgeting / Parents

Brother Jacob Bonaparte, Enrichment and Activities

Sister Armoni Jones, Creative Lead

Sister Kelley St. Hill, Creative Lead

Christian Education Ministry

Sister Sandra Williams, Chairperson

Sister Jessie Baker, Co-Chairperson

Brother Joe Simmons, Co-Chairperson

Connect 4 Audio/Media Ministry

Minister Johnnie M. Perkins, II, Production Manager

Sister Gail Sapp, Asst. Production Manager

Deacons, Ministers, and Wives (DMW) Ministry

Minister Johnnie M. Perkins, II, Servant Leader

Dependable Men Ministry

Brother Ulysees Jackson, President

George Dingle Scholarship Committee

Sister Melinda Johnson, Chairperson

Golden Charity Circle Ministry

Sister Leslie Walker, President

Monday Sunday School Ministry

Sister Marieta Jenkins, Superintendent

Sister Debora Shelley, Superintendent

Music Ministry

Sister Candace Williams, Praise Team Lead

Sister Julia King, Musician

Minister Kenneth Howsia, Guitarist

Brother Alex McNeil, Drummer

S.O.W. (Strength of a Woman) Ministry

Minister Brandi Smith, Chairperson

Senior Bag Outreach Ministry

Deacon Donnell and Sister Jessie Baker, Chairpersons

Seniors In Action Ministry

Sister Janice Maynor, Chairperson

Senior Ushers Ministry

Brother Joe Simmons, President

Special Projects Committee

Minister Johnnie M. Perkins, II, Servant Leader

Trustees Ministry

Sister Florence Adams, Chairperson

Wholly Health Ministry

Minister Mary Cherry, Chairperson

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