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Empty School Desks And Chairs


At Second Arnold, we not only connect with God but we also connect with each other through fellowship and learning. Below you will see how you and your family can learn with us.

Teen Prayer Group


Sister Sandra Williams, Dean of Christian Education

The purpose of this ministry is to function as a catalyst to supply the resources, knowledge, opportunity, inspiration and motivation necessary for Christian growth and Kingdom Building. This ministry is responsible for assisting all ministries with their specific Christian educational activities. All events are opened to the entire congregation.

Spiritual development and training

Sister Debra Simmons, President

The purpose of this ministry is to teach the foundation doctrines of the Christian faith in order to function in the body of Christ and to advance the Kingdom of God. This ministry also educates Christians on biblical principles--usually based on an annual theme.

Reading a Prayer Book

sunday school

Sister Marieta Jenkins and Sister Debora Shelley, Superintendents

The purpose of this ministry is to fulfill the commission of Christ, which is to make disciples as He commanded in Matthew 28:19-20 by teaching God's word effectively with power, understanding, and accuracy. This ministry normally would meet every Sunday morning before the worship services and is led by Superintendents who oversees the teaching staff and workers.

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